Find and rent an apartment in Hong Kong

find and rent an apartment in hong kong

Hong Kong is the most expensive city in the world, or at least in the top 3 according to the criteria chosen, and what is certain is that the rental prices are exorbitant, especially on Hong Kong Island.

So if you are looking for Apartments for rent in Hong Kong, expect to see a very large part of your monthly budget in there. There are of course lucky people with very good situations, but even for them, it is hard to take at first. And for some, there will be no choice but the roommate.

As everywhere, the amounts of the rents nevertheless vary according to the geographical situation and the districts (more expensive on the island, less on Kowloon and the small islands, even less on the New Territories) and the quality of housing (renovated, equipped, furnished or not) and the building (recent or not, with elevator, etc.). But we must also note the services included: the "facilities" (the building can have a gym, swimming pool, rooftop ...) and above all, the height! In a city like Hong Kong, the higher the floors, the higher the rent. And it makes sense, because we are moving away from noise, odors, other less tall buildings and vis-à-vis…

You will also most likely go through an agency. It is possible to find something without paying a fee by taking over a lease or dealing directly with an owner, but it is not the most common. Especially since there are agencies really everywhere, that the offer is important and that you will find very quickly by calling on them. That is the advantage, unless you are very difficult, tell yourself that you will not be on the street for long. For example, a fairly common scenario: you stop at an agency in a neighborhood that you like, you immediately visit several Apartments for rent in Hong Kong, they are all available and one of them you like, you then sign within 48 hours and can get the keys immediately by starting to pay a week later. It can happen like that, yes.

Good after all, I still advise you to take advantage of this great variety of offers to visit as many apartments as possible, get an opinion, and learn to negotiate! Because yes, namely also imperatively, here everything is negotiated! The rent announced will never be final if you are not too shy, or you can get more benefits.

The supply of housing in Hong Kong is as large as the demand. You will have no trouble finding the one that suits you...

Located on the south coast of China, Hong Kong is an economic power in itself. With a population of over 7.155 million, it continues to attract expatriates from around the world for many reasons. If you plan to settle there, you will certainly have to find accommodation. Which shouldn’t be a difficult task? In fact, Hong Kong has a wide range of accommodation for all tastes. It is advisable to find out about the different residential areas to determine which one is best for you.

Residential areas

The city of Hong Kong is divided into 18 districts comprising industrial and residential districts. In the Central District, you will mainly find companies, financial institutions and regional administrations. You will also find large luxury hotels and large residential complexes. It is a very popular area for expatriates because access to essential services is easy.

The Victoria Peak district is less accessible to expatriates. There are mainly large luxury private residences, as well as luxury boutiques and gourmet restaurants. A little further, the Mid Levels district is very popular with foreigners due to the offer of modern and equipped accommodation.

SoHo and Lan Kwai Fong are renowned for being night districts with a large number of clubs and nightclubs, as well as restaurants and malls, while the Western District is a commercial district. In addition, Aberdeen, Admiralty, Stanley and Tsim Sha Tsui are residential areas, including large hotels and new housing under construction.

Types of accommodation

You will find different types of accommodation and Apartments for rent in Hong Kong: furnished and unfurnished apartments and condominiums, multi-story houses, villas, among others. If you plan to make a short stay in the city, you can opt for a hotel or a "serviced apartment" (aparthotel) according to your means. Note also that a large part of the furnished apartments or villas have an air conditioning system. This should not be the case for individual houses.


It must be said that the rental prices in Hong Kong are relatively higher than those in other Chinese cities. Hong Kong is one of the most expensive cities in the world, of course, prices vary according to neighborhood, type of accommodation and level of comfort. The cheapest Apartments for rent in Hong Kong are found in old residential buildings.

For example, an unfurnished one-bedroom apartment could cost you around 5,000 yuan, while a furnished two-bedroom apartment could cost you around 12,500 yuan. To rent a detached house, count around 15,000 yuan per month and around 25,000 yuan per month for a villa.

Buying real estate

Some expatriates prefer to buy real estate in Hong Kong instead of renting because of the high rent. Obviously, prices vary depending on the residential areas and the facilities attached to them. The average price for buying real estate in Hong Kong is 25,000 yuan per square meter for a one-bedroom apartment. For a three-bedroom apartment, the average price can exceed 70,000 yuan per square meter.